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Plastikman veröffentlicht SYNK, eine iPhone app für seine tour (repost)

March 22nd, 2010

Earlier we were hearing that Apple might get involved in location-based ad-hoc social networking, and now it looks like Plastikman might beat them to the punch. That’s the DJ, not the superhero — (Richie Hawtin btw.) he’s released an iPhone app that’s designed to be used at his concerts this summer, giving you some personal involvement on your iPhone while the music and video of the show goes on around you.

It’s a free download
, and while at a concert on a free Plastikman Wi-Fi network, the app will receive real-time information about the music and video during the show, and even give access to some of the samples being used. Features include the ability to interact with the live samples being used; a video stream giving “an internal perspective of the performance”; and synchronising the stage LED wall with the iPhone screen…. Outside of shows, the app says it will work as an “atmospheric location shifter,” using the iPhone’s microphone and headphones to wrap users “in a Plastikman environment.” Whatever that means.

The point here is that this is an app actually built for a specific location, adding in specific funcationality when you’re on a certain Wi-Fi network. That’s a very cool idea. Even if you don’t have Plastikman tickets (looks like he’s only playing Coachella and one show in Detroit here in the US), the idea of location-specific software is one we’ll probably see come up again in the future.

TUAWPlastikman releases SYNK, an app for his tour originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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