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Project Natal: On Stage and Promo Video, IGN Hands-on

Projekt Natal ist Microsoft Xbox 360 neuer Full Body Controller, der nur aus einem 3D Sensor besteht, und mit motioncapturing und Stimmerkennung die Bewegungen des Benutzers auf die Videoconsole umsetzt…

The guys at IGN also had a hands-on with the new device:
Here’s the amazing thing — I played with the Natal for all of 5-6 minutes, and I have to say, it actually works.

The first demo I tried was what Microsoft was calling “Burnout Natal.” Though it isn’t a real game in development, the mixture of Burnout Paradise and the Natal camera was meant to provide proof that you could use the device’s technology for practically any genre or software. How quickly I was recognized into the Natal’s body identification system (just a few seconds) was surprising, and in a matter of moments I was controlling Burnout paradise with my feet and hands.

Most of the people around me during the MS press conference were groaning when they showed how a racing game would control with Natal in the aforementioned marketing footage, but truth be told, it’s a lot more fun than it looks. Though I did miss the bit of resistance that a controller or steering wheel normally gives me, I was shocked to see how natural it felt to drive a car without actually being in one. How easy was it? To accelerate, I simply moved my right leg forward; to brake, I moved it backwards, and to pop it into a neutral position, I just stood straight up (or as straight as my spine would allow me to stand after 12+ hours of E3 spelunking). Driving was just a matter of pretending that I had a steering wheel in my hands, and every subtle movement I made was picked up by the camera allowing me to drive pretty well (and pretty straight) for the few minutes I got to try it out. As an added bonus, the motion for going into Burnout mode was an appropriate Top Gun Volleyball fist-pump. The whole experience was surprisingly fun and I walked away with nary a bad thing to say (which is quite an accomplishment, because normally I complain a lot).

[From Xbox-Scene.com Project Natal: On Stage and Promo Video, IGN Hands-on]

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