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[repost] iPhone 4 – Metalcover replacement

October 25th, 2010

Worried about the glass back of your iPhone 4 getting smashed? If you have $13 and a few minutes, Hong Kong manufacturer CNN (Cellular Nationwide Network) can supply you with a nice looking aluminum backplate to replace the glass.

According to the original “how-to” post on Unplggd, the metal back is incredibly easy to install. You just remove the two screws on either side of the Dock Connector port, pop out the glass, slide on the metal cover and Boom! You have an attractive, custom iPhone 4. The sides are even beveled for a more comfortable using experience.

Wired’s website noted that a metal backplate should not affect the iPhone 4′s call quality thanks to the controversial and much-maligned external antenna design of the device.

You might want to order your backplate soon if you’re thinking about doing this. Since it has all of the usual artwork that comes with the regular iPhone 4, including the Apple logo and the famous “Designed by Apple in California” tag, chances are very good that Apple’s lawyers will shut down production (or at least the screen printing) of the backplates soon. CNN’s website is stating that the covers are currently backordered and that they’ll fill the orders as quickly as possible.

[via Wired]

Metal cover serves as DIY iPhone backplate originally appeared on TUAW

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