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www.petitiononline.com vorerst down

June 16th, 2009

Die Server von www.petitiononline.com wo auch unsere petition (www.petitiononline.com/armloli) gehosted wird, ist aufgrund einer DDoS Attacke momentan nicht erreichbar.
Sie werden aber sobald möglich ihre Server wieder in Betrieb nehmen.

Hier die offizielle Antwort zum verbleib vom Admin selbst:

With apologies and appreciation to all who have written us with questions and support around the ongoing network outage to PetitionOnline, caused by a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, given the volume of letters, I’m sending this out as a general response.

General overview, useful links, and a few comments:

Most recent update, including a copy of our letter to the FBI:

PetitionOnline has been inaccessible to everyone since sometime Friday morning, making this by far our worst outage in nearly ten years of petition hosting, and still ongoing.

Our servers are and have been running fine, and the data on them is safe. However, because this attacks blocks all web access to the site, PetitionOnline remains temporarily unreachable over the Internet. Literally tens of thousands of active petitions are stuck on hold while this crisis continues.

Given the nature of PetitionOnline related to grassroots advocacy, there is a good chance there is some kind of political motive behind this massive and anonymous attack. We will not yield to such tactics. The site will be fully usable again, picking up again just where we were Friday morning, just as soon as we can get this resolved, by any means available whether technical, through law enforcement, or both.

Please feel free to share that information link widely. There are tens of thousands of active petitions at any given time on PetitionOnline, and each of those represents an author and community of concern. To our great frustration, with the PetitionOnline site inaccessible, we don’t have a good direct way to get information to site users.

And thanks so much for your support, which we truly need and value now, as always, and more than ever.

with best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
Artifice, Inc.
541-345-7421 office
541-345-7438 fax
PO Box 1588
Eugene, OR 97440

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